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Tinto Brass Street Band


Style: New Orleans Jazz


The Tinto Brass Street Band was born in 2011 as a real "divertissement" of 6 musicians. In 2013 it becomes a real artistic project with the release of the first album entitled "Monella". In the same year they participate in the production of the theatrical performance by and with Danilo Schininà "7 Settimane Thai".


Also in 2012 they collaborate with famous local, national and international artists both in the studio and live as Ray Mantilla, Baba Sissoko, Officina Zoè, Soulcè & Teddy Nuvolari, Cassandra Raffaele. In 2013 they realize together with the singer-songwriter Davide Di Rosolini the disc "Novena". They participate side by side with Francesco Cafiso at the "Wunder Show" at the "V. Colonna" Theater and share the stage of the "Lelio" theater in Palermo with the famous American blues singer Delores Scott.

In 2019 their second album "Careless Love" was released. From 2013 begins an incessant live activity that does not seem to want to stop and that brings Tinto Brass Street Band in several international festivals around Europe.

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