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Time for T


Style: rock, indie, samba, folk, blues...


TIME FOR T began carving their unique sound in the musical centrifuge that is Brighton, southern England in 2013. However, Brighton was just the meeting point for a band comprised of many different nationalities and musical influences. Portuguese, English, Spanish and Swiss natives all come together within this group, a defining factor of why their music travels through a cocktail of tropical, psychedelic, indie and rock coupled with lyrics that provide tangible stories, experiences, poignant thoughts and photographic vividness from frontman Tiago Saga.

The band are influenced by a wide range of genres from Britsh Folk to American Psychedelia and Brazilian Tropicalia and Samba to African Desert Blues. All this comes together to create their own brand of music that has taken the band all across Europe, as far east as Beirut and as far west as America and South America where lead singer Tiago Saga has played solo shows to captivated audiences. 

The band have released 3 EPs and 1 LP « Hoping Something Anything » en 2017. In October 2019 they released their new album called "Galavanting".

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