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Tim Scanlan


Style: Blues, Jazz, Folk, Roots Music and Reggae


Tim Scanlan is a musician from Melbourne, Australia who performs as a one-man band. This multi-instrumentalist simultaneously plays a harmonica, a guitar and rattling shaker (left-handed), a bass drum or cajon with his right foot, and cymbals on a stand with his left foot while tapping his feet on a stomp box.


He also sings occasionally. His unique style of music has been described as a blend of Blues, Jazz, Folk, Roots Music and Reggae.

Tim is travelling since 20 years. Has performed in several countries, including Australia, the United States, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Italy and France.

He received different awards: in 2017 he won the Tamworth Country Music Festival Busking Competition and in 2012 he received the award of the Anglo-Celt Street Seisiún Talent Competition.

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