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Trouble Notes


Style: World Music



The Berlin based trio is composed of the violinist Bennet Cerven, the guitarist Florian Eisenschmidt, and the percussionist Oliver Maguire. An enchanting usually very fast played violin is the voice of the trio, but it’s not only the play of the violin that defines the group’s music. The groove of the cajón paired with a rhythmic guitar build the incomparable sound of the band. Describing themselves as “Instrumental World Fusion”, their music is characterised by emotionally driven, instrumental ballads reflecting pan-cultural influences and blending an eclectic fusion of traditions, to create a truly unique sound; representative of their ex-tensive travels and consequent musical development.

Having played over 800 shows in 20 different countries The Trouble Notes have managed to build a loyal fanbase with their unique and energetic performances

Their Lose Your Ties album, released in February 2018, showcases a development of their expressive, incredibly diverse sound, representing the start of a new, and exciting, musical journey. In June 2019, they released a new EP called "Super Bloom" inspired by the beautiful nature in the USA during their 2-month tour. This EP is dedicated to all of the friends and fans who came to the shows in the North of America, who hosted them, who were their guides and shared their love and compassion with them during this travel.

In 2020, they spent some time writing few Single while lockdown: "Surfing with the Sphinx"," Ballad of Trouble", "Sound River" et "A Night in Hong Kong". 


"Music from everywhere for everyone“

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