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The Shoepolishers


Style: Celtic Rock festive


The Shoepolishers are from France based in Belfort, have quickly imposed their extravagant and festive style as an alternative to the gloom.


A flawless stay A Festive Celtic Rock with delirious lyrics that have moved the audience to Blairoland, a fictional world populated by wacky characters in an imaginative world. Thanks to this mix, their energy as electrifying as contagious and their scenic charisma, the ShoePolishers are masters in the art of unleashing the crowds.


A ShoePolishers concert does not listen: he lives!


With 5 albums sold over 10,000 copies and more than 700 concerts in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Algeria, the Shoeps leave on the road with the "9h at the moment already 2018". Great moments of Rock and delusions in perspective!

They made a crazy tour and played a lot of festivals in 2019 which attracted a important crowd.

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