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Style: blues, soul



Sissos are an acoustic duo from Sydney Australia, based in Berlin. Georgie and Steph are two sisters who flood the room with charm and talent from the moment they step on stage.

Their polished harmonies compliment their bluesy, feel good and soulful songs perfectly. They execute an effortless performance, every time. Steph and Georgie have a certain purity and transparency on stage which is unique and refreshing.

Having grown up together in the same musical household, their rapport with each other is so prominent, you’ll feel like you grew up with them too! Both sisters have long established solo careers in music and their talent and experience is undeniable in the live arena.

Whether it be a cosy small bar in New York, underground Jazz club in Berlin, or a festival stage in Australia, these two siblings will delight any crowd with their groovy, percussive, heart felt and good natured set. A Sissos performance is a guaranteed heart warmer.

Since they have been touring together, Sissos have gone from strength to strength. They’ve performed their songs live to thousands of people during their tours across Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and have even performed in Dubai at EXPO where they represented Australia.

They released their debut album in 2020 called "After All This Time".

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