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Si Senior

Style: Flamenco, rock 

Si Senior is the result of the meeting between two guitarists from Rouen with contrasting backgrounds, Quentin and Pierre-Louis, to create their own musical identity. With two classical guitars, they merge atmospheres through a unique approach to their instrument.


While one, self-taught, adopts rhythmic and percussive techniques, the other varies the intensities by browsing his universe of classical guitar studied at the conservatory. Rather than an imbalance, this difference in play creates a real complementarity and gives life to a style that is unique to them.


By combining influences from rock, flamenco or classical music, Si Senior gives birth to a surprising acoustic proposal that breaks the codes of traditional classical guitar. After a victory in the Folk World Trad challenge of MusikenSaire (Barfleur, 50) and a successful concert at 106 (SMAC in Rouen), the duo concludes the year 2022 with a double-single and prepares a tour in the East in March 2023 . Influences: Rodrigo y Gabriela, Agustín Barrios, Paco de Lucia, Muse, System Of A Down

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