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Opal Ocean


Style: Flamenco / Rock / Progressive


After tantalising listeners with a taste of what they were capable of in 2015 with the release of their Terra EP, the Australia- based duo of Alex Champ & Nadav Tabak continued to chart their own unique & extraordinary journey towards success.

With the incredible response to their lead single “J.A.M.” going viral and racking up an astounding forty-million hits across their various social media platforms online, it was instantly clear that Alex & Nadav were on to something special with their music as Opal Ocean, and they immediately set forth to craft a professional career & legacy that they could proudly call their own.

Opal Ocean has been thriving as hard as ever, playing the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi’s Grand Prix in 2021, securing yet another official endorsement with Godin Guitars of Canada, and releasing new music.

A stunning set of five covers unlike any other, played as emotively as this dynamic duo ever could – the Fish Food EP arrived mid 2022 with a lineup of songs that has Opal Ocean exploring the music of Joe Satriani, the White Stripes, System Of A Down, Infected Mushroom, and Pink Floyd. For the first time they also released a live album in August 2023.

They toured through Europe this year for the fourth time playing some big stages over these years like Earth Garden in Malta, Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, FMMS Sines Portugal, Festival du Bout du Monde in France, Chien à Plumes in France, opened for Steve N' Seagulls in Mulhouse at Le Noumatrouff. They are currently in Australia to tour for the second time. Come and join Opal Ocean in their unique universe.

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