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Style: Flamenco, Rock, Metal, Blues, Psychedelism and Funk


Travelling for most of the year Kallidad are still Sydney-based, where the band members met in high school, being close friends many years before the band began in Bondi Beach in 2012.

The musical style is very original, it consists of Flamenco, Rock, Metal, Blues, Psychedelism and Funk, among countless other sounds. Their energy and their way of playing are incomparable and few bands in the world, as much as for the headliners in the musical world.

Constantly on the road across Australia and the globe, Kallidad continue to blow audiences away with their high energy, beautifully chaotic instrumental music. From large city shows and mainstream festivals such as Splendour in the Grass and Falls Festival.

Wearing mysterious facepaint and combining dynamic Spanish guitar style and ferocious 'box drumming', the three amigos have given Latin music their own signature twist that leaves their fans always coming back for more; perpetually in awe of their one-of-a-kind live show that leaves everybody with sore legs and cheekbones from a night of smiling and dancing. Even in the midst of touring Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan and Indonesia multiple times over, the band has released four albums, with 2017’s ‘The Odyssey’ being accompanied by a vinyl record and a hardcover book of their journey to create the album.

The three friends live and breathe music and their show is a testament to their love of the art of connection.

Kallidad had a successful tour in 2019 where they played on big stages like Montreux Jazz Festival and Paillotte Festival and many others. They are ready to come back in 2020.

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