Grumpy O Sheep


Style: Irish, celtic, flamenco


Originally from the Belfort region, Grumpy O Sheep is a duo formed in 2017 by the violinist and guitarist / singer of the ShoePolishers (Lu and Boss).


With great strokes of highly percussive acoustic guitar and festive traditional violin, Grumpy O Sheep dust off the repertoire of old Irish pubs with energy and style that can easily be described as "Irish-Acoustico-Flamenco-Punko-Trad Enervé".


Between jigs, real and more rock songs, this duo takes you to a violin / guitar / vocals session in a resolutely festive concert with hops accents and taste of Guinness ... But not only! "Grumpy O'Sheep, it's Crasy Music soaked in clover and peat to escape the daily greyness."

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