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Folk Road Show

(Canada/The Netherland)

Style: Indie pop, folk


The international indie-folk group known as Folk Road Show is anything but a conventional band. Consisting of Dominique Fricot (CAN), Benjamin James Caldwell (AUS), O.J. Caarls (NL), and Nick Petrowich (CAN) they toured both Canada and Europe extensively from their inception in 2014.


With a sound that ranges from folky americana to indie-pop - reminiscent of (a modern-day) Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, The Band, or Fleet Foxes - the four have the ability to transform large clubs into intimate venues and make a living room feel like Carnegie Hall. All band members share songwriting duties; constantly switching between instruments and joining together for four-part harmonies.


Folk Road Show offer a dynamic show, ranging from a-capella intermezzos to full-band indie rock. In just four years, the band has toured Canada and Europe ten times, playing over 350 shows at numerous venues and festivals across both continents. The chemistry between the individual songwriters resulted in their debut album, released in the summer of 2016 by the American Classic Waxxx label. The band’s second album, Gold, recorded at Blue Light Studios in Vancouver and No Pussy Blues Studio in Groningen, the Netherlands, followed in November 2017. They just released their new EP in October 2019.

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