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Breaky Boxes


Style: indie folk music

BREAKY BOXES is above all a beautiful fraternal story between 3 long-time friends from Rouen. Sharing the same passion, the immeasurable one of music, Jean François Moortgat, Brice Sibille & Valentin Queval formed the group in 2014.

From then on, and until today, concerts are linked for the 3 habitants from Rouen. They decided to tour in France and Europe by minibus to get on stage. They occured in small bars and local stages, and reached the biggest festivals (Sziget Festival, Imaginarium) and some of the most prestigious rooms (Bus Palladium, BBC, La Traverse, Glazart, 106, Ziquodrome, Point Éphémère, etc) . 


Inspired by Irish & American Folk culture, Breaky Boxes strives to renew the style to appropriate it. By mixing acoustic and traditional instruments, such as the acoustic guitar, the mandolin or the banjo, with a keyboard and pop voice melodies, the group reveals original and unique compositions. Whether by an enraged rhythm or softer songs, all feelings are taken advantage of throughout the compositions and concerts. Warmth, authenticity & proximity, that is their motto.

In February 2018, they released their first EP entitled "From the Shelter". Followed by the release of a second EP, "Arcade Session", in January 2019. March 2020, they achieve one of their main objectives: to release their first album "Resting Wall".

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